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{FIG} is always excited to work with and support local charities and non-profit organizations.  We're pleased to announce that we've donated a new website to the great people at SneakerSavior.   SneakerSavior is a non-profit organization that uses your gently used “sneakers” to bring persons together through sports and team work, while spreading the Word of God.

Abut SneakerSaviour - Our mission is to reach the unreached through community events, mission trips, donation drives and church outreach programs.  Our goal is to spread the Word of God through personal testimonies, written word and bring together persons who may not other wise interact directly.  We have given our organization to God to work to his glory in all things and praise his mercies in all things.

SneakerSavior is a orginazation based on personal accomplishments and ideals through which we hope to bring persons into the Kingdom of God using sports, athletes and coaches as a platform.



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