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Your business needs to breakout and standout.  It needs to be heard.  If not, it's going to die.  Today, we'll show you how video can help your business grab customer attention and spread your message.

If you've read our blogs before, you know that we try our best to keep it lite, educational, and entertaining.  Not today.  Today we give you a reality check. That's right, we're going to kick you in the ass and tell you that you need to GRAB your customer's attention.  The business world is a competitive place and you've got to f-i-g-h-t for every customer otherwise you're going to lose them.  With that, here's four tips that will make your videos be freakin' awesome and help you capture more market share.

So many businesses want to say just the right thing in order not to offend a client (or potential client).  They rely on corporate mumbo-jumbo and use overused buzz words like "synergy", "bandwith", and "key takeaways", but not you.  Drop the corporate silly-speak for once and just tell it like it is.  Tell your customers why you're great, why they're great, and why the whole world is great.  Your customers will love you for it, your potential customers will respect you for it, and your competitors will piss their pants with envy for it.

It sounds easy, right?  It's not.  There's a blurry line between being clever and being out-of-touch; don't cross it.  Being clever in this sense means being funny in a way that shows intelligence.  After all is there anything sexier than intelligence?  (Men, don't answer that).  But seriously, showing business intelligence in a funny and entertaining way is a sure fire way to get people to sit up and take notice.

Have you ever noticed that the videos we love the most on YouTube are the videos where the unexpected happens?  It's the videos where the cat gets caught in the dishwasher or the college kid almost electrocutes himself.  Why should your videos be any different?  We're not suggesting you tie the company receptionist to a chair and roll 'em down the stairs (although, that would be awesome) but you can make your videos come to life by introducing a funny character, having an entertaining storyline, using comedy in expected ways.  Remember to "think outside the box" ;-)

Never underestimate the use of powerful images.  I'll bet you 3 donuts (that's highstakes for me!) that you clicked on this blog after seeing the cute doggy picture at the top (pay-up those donuts sucka!)  Images have power; they convey meaning, set a tone, provide context, and encourage engagement.  Use images in unique and create ways.  Imagine if a CPA firm posted a "sexy" video with their "Hot Accountants of the Year"?  That'd be hilarious.  Of course the video wouldn't be "racy", it'd just be a spoof, but the images of "hot accountants" in a "sexy" video calendar would be powerful and would probably become a viral sensation.  Think of what kind of images your business can use to evoke a reaction.  It's probably easier than you think.

Of course we're here to help you develop unique and powerful ideas.  We're here to push you, challenge you, and help you grab more customers.  We're ready when you are.



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